About me

Hello My Name Is...

Claudia Vera

I am a 2006 graduate from the University of Texas at Brownsville.  I earned a Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education and I'm certified to each Pre-K-6th Grade. This 2014-2015 school year marks my 9th year in this wonderful profession.  The majority of these years have been spent teaching 3rd, 4th, 5th and even 1st grade.  Of all the grade levels I have taught, I am still not able to decide on a favorite, as they all have their own special perks. 

Aside from being a 5th grade teacher at the best school on Earth (Dora Romero Elementary), I am also a mommy.  My daughter's name is Aubrey C. Moreno and she, along with each of my students, past and present, hold a huge chunk of my heart. 

Since being a mother and a teacher pretty much take up 99% of my time, my hobbies are very limited.  The one passion I will ALWAYS make time for is reading.  I LOVE TO READ!!!  I really don't have a preference on genre, but I find that I gravitate more toward anything that's part of a series.   

As previously stated, my time is always occupied with one event or another, but those that know me well know that I am fully dedicated to ALL of my children, whether it's my daughter or any of my students.  I will always make time to ensure that they receive the best that I'm able to provide.