Academic Goals
                              Begin With the End In Mind


Language:  Write using correct letter formation and spacing.
                  Write a complete telling sentence.
                  Write a complete asking sentence.
                  Communicate through written language.
                  Identify parts of speech:  noun, noun marker, verb
                  Use correct capitalization
                  Use correct punctuation
Spelling:  Identify and use spelling patterns/rules when writing.
Reading:  Read 30 words a minute for the beginning of the year.
              (August - November) 
              Read 45 words a minute for mid-year
              (November - Februrary)
               Read 60 words a minute for the end-of -the-year.
              (February - April)
               Reading Comprehension = 80% or higher all year.
Math:  Read, write, manipulate numbers 1-120 in and out of order.
            Read and understand graphs.
            Create patterns independently.
            Add  one-digit numbers independently.
            Subtract one-digit numbers independently.
            Read and answer story problems independently.
Science:  Understand and use the scientific process.
                  Identify and use science tools correctly.
                 (balance or scale, liquid and metric measurements,
                  hand lense, magnets,  objects, etc.)
Social Studies:  The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
                       Learn about the world around them.
                       Geography skills (maps): Read maps
                       Rules/laws : Practice abiding by the rules/laws
                                        (school and community)
                       Community helpers: Identify and explain jobs and
                                                 their importance in life.
                       Famous Americans: Identify and explain how each
                                                  one became famous.
                       Holidays: Identify and explain the importance of
                                    each one.