High Frequency Word Lists
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Please help your child practice these words as often as possible every week.  Our goal is to read each word without sounding them out.
Tip: Make flash cards, use sidewalk chalk to spell them on the drive at home, use a bucket of water and a paint brush to write them on the sidewalk at home, put sugar on a baking sheet and have your child lick their finger and spell each word on the baking sheet.
To increase fluency in your child's reading, allow your child to practice reading the list at least 3 times. Correct him/her when needed. Then time your child for one minute and write down how many words he/she read correctly in that minute.  Repeat for each read.  Compare the number of words read correctly each time.
 Have fun! 
Thank you for your continued support in your child's education!

KindergartenList (Review)                                  

can,   I,   like,   we,   see,   the,go,   to,  a,   have,   play,   you, he,   is ,   and,  she,   are,   said,do,  this,   for,   what,   here, little,  my,   was,   has,   look 

FirstGrade List
again, all, away, after, another, any, across, about, also

because, blue, boy, by, better, buy

come, could, call, carry, change, climbed
down, done, does
eat, every, eight

funny, from, find, friends, family, full

good, girl, give

help, her, how, head

it, into


live, lucky, leaped

many, make, more, move

never, not, now, no, new

over, our, of, out, one, old, once, or, other

pretty, people, pull, place, put, poor

ride, run

so, soon, says, school some

there, they, then, three, together, today, through, two, too

until, upon, up, use, under



who, want, why, way, write, were, walked, water, work