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Have some fun with your child!  Try some of these
websites throughout the year.  

IXL - First Grade Math Practice


More websites:
Choose games to play at any level from Preschool through 6th grade in Reading/Language
Arts as well as Math.
Short printable books and great kids’ pages to print out for beginning and early readers.
Starfall has wonderful links to stories, comics, folk tales, fairy tales, riddles, and plays for
kids to read at a
first grade level.
Alphabet and word play games for Kindergarten and first grade along with many printable
This site has some forms that older kids can use to do reports. It also has lots of
printable ABC activities for the little ones, including flash cards and coloring sheets.
Vocabulary building, spelling games, brain teasers, and “ad lib” stories for all ages 1st 8th.
Kids can also find book lists on topics that interest them.
Enjoy these free online activities sampled from our many CD-based products
There are some fun logical thinking games with difficulty levels that range from K-6th grade.
Phonics games for kids in K-2. Select “Language Arts”.
Read for meaning” is at the heart of this dynamic program on Reading Comprehension.
Through the use of written text, interactive games, songs, and sound
Parents, this website has some reviews of various games, including online and computer
games, that are on the market for purchase. Some of the links take you to the online games.


This link takes you to games for science, math, sports, and many more…
Reading is a pastime for all seasons. Click on any month to find resources and activities
appropriate for home and school.
Child education is supplemented by reading comprehension, spelling games and other elementary
learning activities, so your child learns faster and retains his/her education through an
increased attention span.

Gifted Student Websites

Hoagie's Kids and Teens This page has links to contests and awards, hot topics, internet investigations, lists of movies with gifted kids as the leading characters, and much, much more!
Virtual Electron Microscope Click and drag specimens under the microscope to examine and then identify and sort slides
NASA Kids This website is by NASA. Learn about space, rockets and many other interesting NASA related topics.